Should I be worried if my newborn is coughing?

Watching your child cough can make you feel helpless knowing they could be suffering from a variety of illnesses. While coughs themselves aren’t dangerous, sometimes the underlying cause can be. Here's everything you need to know about your child's cough so you won't have to worry.

Transformational Leaders at its Finest

The District Manager of the Year award goes to Ms. Virginia Recto Felicidario and Ms. Ditas Gonzales, who both demonstrated a form of leadership that highlighted their tireless efforts to thrive alongside their group. Learn what kind of leadership these winners used to overcome challenges and how YOU can develop as a leader yourself.

Thriving in a Competitive World of Sales

With the recently concluded National Sales Conference of Terramedic last March 1-3, one of the organization's top awards was recently given to two PMRs (Professional Medical Representatives) in appreciation of their exceptional sales performance and utilization of creative business strategies. Both awardees have shared their inspiration, tips and secret to achieving their goal while still being healthy. Find more of it here along with key takeaways we can get from these women to succeed in the competitive business of sales.

How to Give Your Kids Their Daily Essential Nutrients

Numerous questions are linked to giving your kids their daily nutrients. As parents, you want to provide them with the best supplements, but oftentimes, you don’t know where to start. To ensure your kids are getting all essential nutrients, here is a list of commonly needed vitamins and minerals, and how to get them: