The rising of the pandemic has changed the world and individuals’ perspectives. This change influences organizations to challenge the people and adapt to it despite obstacles and difficulties. Overcoming these require a certain type of character and leadership: Transformational.

Transformational Leadership requires spirited, keen, and passionate individuals. A type of leader that can inspire positive changes in an organization. They are attentive and eager to help every member of the group to thrive.

Transformational leaders convey a clear vision of the group’s goals.

Recently, Terramedic Inc. held the National Sales Conference and had awarded the most coveted title in the organization, the District Manager of the Year. 

Bagging the title are Ms. Virginia Recto Felicidario and Ms. Ditas Gonzales who both showed this type of Leadership that showcased their untiring effort to succeed together with their group.

Awardees have also shared their difficulties and efforts and thanked their teammates who were with them throughout their journey. “During the conference, all I had was a smile that screams “Yes! My team’s hard work had finally paid off”, Ms. Virginia added. Viewers, on the other hand, are motivated and eager to discover how to change themselves to become their best selves.

Coming from the winners themselves, here are some tips on how to become a Transformative Leader:

  1. Be a good example to others
  2. Be proactive and always be optimistic
  3. Weigh things and find a solution to every problem
  4. Share your ideas and be a good listener too.
  5. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated
  6. Work hard and pray harder
  7. Put and thank God above all
  8. Trust the process
  9. Empathize with your people
  10. Set a goal and claim it

So, are you ready to be a Transformative Leader?