SG Glutergen Capsule | Siberian Ginseng | Multivitamins for Adults

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SG-Glutergen is a Multivitamins + Minerals + Choline + Methionine + Linseed Oil + Siberian Ginseng + Saw Palmetto that strengthen your body's immunity, endurance, and mental sharpness. It also reduces fatigue and boosts energy.

With SG-Glutergen, you are strengthened to give more!


SG-Glutergen contains the following:
Siberian Ginseng 50mg
Purified Grain Oil (wheat germ oil 230mg
Sunflower seed oil50mg
Linseed oil 50mg
Lecithin 100mg
Cholic Acid 6mg
Troxyrotin 3mg
Retinyl Pamitate2500 iu


For prophylaxis and treatment of general symptoms of advancing age, physical and mental stress, situations such as loss of concentration, rapid tiredness and reduced performance.


Usual adult dose is one capsule daily unless otherwise prescribed by the physician. Multivitamins with Siberian Ginseng should be taken regularly.