BIOTERMIN AS | Multivitamins for kids

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Multivitamins+ Buclizine HCL

Bio-Termin AS ay appetite enhancer for babies and kids na picky sa food. It also has an antiemetic property that would help your kid eat better. 


To stimulate appetite and enhance weight gain. Nutritional support in growth and development. Prevention of metabolic and nutritional deficiencies due to poor absorption of foods, restricted dietary intake and in times of illnesses, physical and mental stresses, traumatic injuries, etc. Prevention of fatigue and depletion of energy during physiologic and pathologic stresses. Increases general body resistance against infections and diseases.


2-6 years old: 5ml/1 teaspoonful
7-12 years old: 15ml/1 tablespoonful
To be taken daily or as prescribed by the physician

Storage: Store at temperatures not exceeding 30° C. Protect from light